Advertising is an important key to any company’s success and today it often takes place online. Bricks-and-mortar businesses typically have websites and some companies exist only online. Both need the Internet to thrive. Each day millions of people search for goods and services online and many do the bulk of their shopping at Internet stores. Online visitors usually find what they need using search engines and Google is the most popular. With that in mind, today’s Marketing campaigns often include Google Adwords, a pay-per-click advertising platform.

Businesses Quickly Build Brand Awareness

Customers who use Google Adwords pay to have their advertising information appear in search results or on third-party websites. Ads may also show up users’ Gmail accounts. It is an extremely effective way of getting a company name in the public’s eye. A study by Ipsos showed that ads appearing in searches lift top-of-the-mind awareness by over 6%.

Companies Reconnect With Website Visitors

Businesses can also use Google’s program to connect with customers who have visited their websites but did not buy. Adwords allows users to create remarketing lists that target visitors to other advertiser supported sites. When clients visit those sites, they see a banner ad for the original website. Companies can do the same thing for searches that did not produce results. Because visitors have already shown interest, they are more likely to buy when they see a company name again.

It Is Easy to Measure Performance

It can be difficult to determine the performance of newspaper, television, and radio advertising. However, Google Adwords makes it simple for advertisers to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. The program spells out the results of each campaign. Advertisers instantly see who clicked their ads, how many leads were generated, and how much traffic Adwords sent to the company website. It also lists the most effective keyword and the cost per lead.

Most companies now have websites and use online advertising to draw customers to the sites. Google Adwords is one of the most effective advertising platforms because it helps build brand awareness and can recapture the interest of visitors who did not buy. Adwords also provides advertisers with tools to track performance.